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Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm a Little Afraid to Gloat, but-

Last night, after the Boy and I huffed and chuffed furniture around in the family room, switching the tv and table from one side of the room to the other and moving the couch so that it too was on the opposite wall from where it began, reconnecting the television, DVD and VCR cables and running an extension cord so that the lamp could be plugged in, the BSU admitted that the other way was better than her way.

She admitted I was right!

Every married man knows what I'm talking about. It doesn't happen often that we are not only right but told we are right by someone we love. More often, we do whatever the way somebody else wants whatever done and even if the results aren't perfect, everybody lives with that decision. Its just the way it is. We know that.

Of course, the solution to the furniture arrangement, and thr restoration of the Feng Shui sweetness in our family room requires further heavy lifting and huffing and chuffing on mine and the boy's part. Which might have to wait until the new carpet is ordered and installation arranged. Or it could be tonight, depending on the BSU's mood after being in the room a bit longer.

But at least once this weekend- I was right!

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